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Secrets of the Best Leaders

What is it that separates the best leaders from the rest? What is the missing piece that they seem to have found?

The best leaders I've had the opportunity to work with had at least these in common:

  • They actively invested in their own personal development
  • They intentionally developed the people around them

But Who has the Time? Or Money?

Developing yourself and those around you takes time, and time is one of the few things even more scarce than money in many organizations today. Taking people out of their day-to-day for a 5-day workshop just isn't an option for many organizations.

And training isn't cheap. Conferences can cost thousands of dollars, especially when you factor in travel costs. Yet not investing in yourself and your team isn't a sustainable option.

The People and Projects Podcast  Free Subscription

What if you didn't have to send your people to training. Rather, the training came to you? It doesn't cost you anything to recommend our podcast to those you work with. By listening to each episode during their commute time, while exercising, or any other time when they have an MP3 player available, you and your teams can be learning from some of the best minds in leadership and project management.

Taking it to the Next Level: The Premium Subscription

Premium subscribers get access to the same audio that our free subscribers get each episode. But there's more.

Additional Resources

Premium Subscribers get exclusive content that is not available for the free subscribers. You will get questions that can be used to lead a discussion with your team about a recent episode. Some premium episodes include free downloads and additional coaching--all focused on helping you more successfully lead your teams and deliver your projects.

Private Discounts

Premim Subscribers get exclusive access to discounts on products and services from Andy Kaufman. By taking advantage of these special coupon codes and discounts, Premium Subscribers can save far more than the cost of an annual subscription.

Automatic Entry into Freebies

Throughout the year we might have drawings for free books and other resources, courtesy of the experts I interview. As a Premium Subscriber, you are automatically entered into the drawings, saving you time and effort.

Knowing that Your Helping Us Give Back to the Project Management Community

By supporting the podcast as a premium subscriber, you are helping to defray the costs incurred to publish and distribute these episodes to tens of thousands of PM's around the world. Thank you for your part in this effort to give back to the global project management community.

What Are the Subscription Options?

There are two Premium Subscription options:

Click here to become a monthly Premium Subscriber Click here to become an annual Premium Subscriber

A monthly subscription allows you to pay month-by-month (we set-up an automatic transaction so it's not a hassle for you). There are no minimum timeframes required and you can cancel at any time.  Click here now to become a Monthly Premium Subscriber!

Most Premium Subscribers find it easier to just pay for an annual subscription. You get two months free by doing so.  Click here now to become an Annual Premium Subscriber!

Either way, a Premium Subscription is a great value for one of the best causes in leadership: to develop you and those you lead.

Help Getting PMP®

Looking for a great resource to help you get your PMP® certification?

Check out the PM PrepCast™. If you can't participate in a classroom workshop, it's one of the best values for your money. Click here for details.

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